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Cold Noses Drafting. Tail-waggingly great design!

About Us

The Resident Cold Noses

Cold Noses Drafting was founded in order to provide accurate, timely and cost-effective drawings to home-owners who have plans to renovate their home or other property.

Customer service is my number one priority!

Melissa, owner of Cold Noses Drafting, has a passion for excellence. Trained in Engineering Design & Drafting Technology at SAIT, Melissa spent the first few years of her career designing and engineering wood floor (I-joist) and roof (truss) systems. With an excellent ability to visualize in 3 dimensions, Melissa then moved into Estimating and Construction Drafting for renovations rather than new construction. Recently, when she noticed a distinct lack of value-priced drafting services, and especially services aimed towards homeowners who did not want to hire a full-service contractor, Melissa decided to launch Cold Noses Drafting.

Melissa is a member of ASET (The Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta) as a Certified Technician (Engineering) or C.Tech. As a member of ASET, she has not only proven her academic training and professional experience, but she has also passed ASET's Professional Practice Exam and has agreed to uphold the ethical standards set forth by this organization. Having met the criteria for certification as a CET (Certified Engineering Technologist), Melissa is currently pursuing this upgraded certification. For more information on ASET including the Code of Ethics and a description of what the criteria for certification are, please click here.

Where does the name “Cold Noses Drafting” come from? Simply put, a lifetime love for animals and a ‘collection’ of cold nosed creatures (4 cats and a dog) in my household, were inspiration for the name. Rest assured that you will never be given the COLD shoulder, or see a stuck-up NOSE in your direction. My focus is on providing you with excellent quality design, down-to-earth pricing, and paws-down, tail-waggingly great service.

A portion of profits are donated to the Calgary Humane Society.

Cold Noses Drafting is located in Calgary, Alberta
Phone: (403) 456-4811
Fax: (403) 538-NSES (6737)

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